Annbank and Tarbolton Parish Churches have been a link charge for around 15 years. This means that we share the same minister and together we support one another. We are both extremely friendly congregations and welcome all new faces. We hope to be a church of the 21st century and to do that we need everyone to get involved and help us become the church that these villages will need today and in many years to come. So come, join us and help us move forward!

Each Sunday our services being at 10am in Tarbolton and 11.30am in Annbank. At present there is only a Sunday school in Tarbolton Parish Church and once a month in Tarbolton we have a Pram Praise for babies and toddlers on the first Monday of the month at 2pm.

Fundraising events are ongoing to keep repairs up to date and to redevelop our building into a multi functional space for both church and community. With a view to open a community café.




Session Clerk                                    Audrey Brown

Treasurer                                           Anna Devan

Clerk to the Congregational Board     Audrey Brown

Safeguarding Officer                          Norma McCreadie

Data Protection Officer                      Betty Holland

Presbytery Elder                                Anna Devan




Session Clerk                                    Maureen McNae

Treasurer                                           Mary Hunter

Clerk to the Congregational Board     Iris Richardson

Safeguarding Officer                          Margaret Kerr

Data Protection Officer                      Mary Hunter


Presbytery Elder                                Maureen McNae




To get in touch with any of our Church Board Members or Elders please use:


churchTwinningIn 2016 Annbank l/w Tarbolton Parish Church twinned with a church in Sanga Malawi. Rev Cronin Mazunda is the minister and he looks after the church in Sanga and station churches in his area. He travelled by bicycle. See below for pictures of his wife and son. His church has a Woman’s Guild and a Men’s Guild. Both Sanga Churches and our churches are fundraising to help Rev Petros build his manse.

Recently Malawi had floodings which caused their harvest to be destroyed and so over this year we have also helped them buy seed for the harvest of 2017 and Maize to eat as they wait for their seeds to grow.

Our harvest donation from 2018, sent to Malawi will be used to pay for glass for the new manse and maize for the orphan nursery

Please pray for Malawi and Rev Petros’ Church and Parish

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